Coating Production

  • High-Low STS with ruspert coating

    High-Low STS with ruspert coating

    Ruspert treatment is a high-grade anti-corrosion metal surface treatment technology,Forming combined film by chemical reaction among each layers. It does not attribute its good anti-corrosion performance to merely a single film as ordinary metal surface treatment. It provide superior corrosion resistance by combined consists of three layers: ‧A metallic zine layer ‧A high grade anti-corrosion chemical conversion film ‧A baked ceramic surface coating The unique feature of Ruspert Coa...
  • Countersunk Self-Tapping Screws with coating

    Countersunk Self-Tapping Screws with coating

    DaHe Fastener offers a wide variety of screws for the metal building and metal roofing industry. Our screws are designed and meet strict specifications to withstand the rigors of today’s construction. From self-drilling and flange head to self-tappers screws, we have everything you need for your next project. Our metal building screws can be coated in Ruspert, our high-grade metal surface technology that prevents corrosion.Ruspert, consists of three layers: a metallic zinc later, a high grade...
  • Hexagonal hrinkage rod knurling SDS

    Hexagonal hrinkage rod knurling SDS

    When you’re operating in the toughest environments, you rely on high performance surface preparation and treatments to keep things running smoothly. DaHe understand, so we make sure our coatings bring out the best in your components. Even under the most adverse conditions you can rely on product durability and total corrosive protection; the integrity of your components is maintained. Most importantly, there’s no delay however pressing your needs – your orders are always delivered...