Hex Washer Flang Head

  • Slotted Hex Washer Head self drilling screws

    Slotted Hex Washer Head self drilling screws

    Slotted Hex Washer Head self drilling screws、self tapping screws Slotted screws,head groove depth, groove width standard precision, high precision cold pier machine after molding, maintain excellent metal streamline, head bar joint chamfer (R Angle) design, to ensure the product strength and binding force. Hexagonal flange design can make screw and material perfect combination, at the same time play a certain waterproof and sealing effect Super high hexagonal head design, so that the produ...
  • SD500 Self-Drilling Screws(Longer tail)

    SD500 Self-Drilling Screws(Longer tail)

    These longer tail screws are a great alternative to standard tek screws and other screws for metal, allowing you to save time and user fatigue with the single action of drilling and fixing steel – one push, one screw done. Also known as Series500 screws the extended drilling tip guides the screw through just as the fine thread grabs hold and taps itself securely within the steel. The SD500 self-drilling screw with an extended drill point for metal. Ideal for hardened or hot rolled steel and t...
  • Farmer Screws

    Farmer Screws

    Farmer Screws:head and sealing washer can be painted with ovencured Polyurethane enamel Technical Process: The screw is sprayed with different colors on the head on the basis of galvanizing, and then baked to make the pigment firmly combined on the surface of the matrix. In use, according to the color of different substrate to choose the corresponding paint head screw, can be used EPDM composite gasket, beautiful fastening effect. We introduce advanced fully automatic spraying equipment, can ...