Hex Washer Flang Head

  • Farmer Screws

    Farmer Screws

    ·Fasten sheet-metal to walls and roofs,the aluminium washer with EPDM washer covering
    ensures an effective seal and resistance to aging.
    ·optimum color-matching
    ·UV resistant
    ·Dusting after high temperature baking, hard texture, even if the force will not
    scratch the surface coating
    ·Clear thread, strong bite force, better locking effect
    ·With aluminum/iron EPDM washer, better sealing and waterproof effect
  • Slotted Hex Washer Head self drilling screws

    Slotted Hex Washer Head self drilling screws

    ·For medium duty purpose
    ·Steel structure workshop, municipal engineering, etc
    ·Car compartment, container, shipbuilding,
    refrigeration equipment, environmental engineering, etc
    ·Precision clamping die design, sharp and smooth knife edge, to achieve the best cutting effect
    ·The product can cut tail, cutting tail can further speed up the effect of cutting
    ·Through the combination of equipment, mold and technology, thread error is
    guaranteed within 0.03mm, clear thread, smooth bottom diameter, reduce screw
  • Hex Washer Flange(SD500)

    Hex Washer Flange(SD500)

    For heavy duty purpose
    Steel structure project
    Used for thick plate fixation
    Point #5 design
    Thread slotted,Chip removal fast
    Z-Point design, good positioning, fast drilling