410SS Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws

410SS Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws

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·Stainless steel sheet, metal plate, galvanized steel plateand other engineering installation
·Fastening installation of Angle steel, channel steel,
iron plate and other metal materials
·Metal curtain wall, metal light compartment, plastic steel doors
and Windows and other indoor and outdoor installation
·Car compartment, container, shipbuilding, refrigeration equipment,
environmental engineering, etc
·Corrosion Resistance
·High Toughness
·Good Surface Gloss

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Stainless steel self drilling screw material is generally 410 material, commonly known as stainless iron, is a general martensitic stainless steel, can do heat treatment, high hardness, without surface treatment can play a certain surface anti-corrosion effect, anti-rust ability is better than carbon steel,worse than 304 stainless steel, can hit through iron plate, fastening the use of steel plate.It is mainly applied to the steel plate connection or the fixed connection of other stainless steel materials.Stainless steel self drilling screws according to the shape of the head can be divided into: hexagonal self drilling screw, countersunk head self drilling screw, pan head self drilling screw, Wafer head self drilling screw.

    410 Stainless Steel Wafer Head Philips Self Drilling Screws for Home & Industrial Use Ensures correct hole size every time, resulting in better thread engagement and tighter clamp Drilling hole upto 4 mm in M S Sheet Drill Hole & Forming mating thread Clamping at home can achieve in an easy operation. It only needs one tool for application screw drive & Screwdriver Bit with Magnetic Ring Adopter. These self-drilling screws are highly versatile and are used to attach to metal, wood, fiberglass and plastic. The sharp threads draw material together and ensure a secure hold. There is no pre-drilling required for these screws. Self-drilling screws can drill its own hole and tap its own thread as it is driven into the surface. Application: profile sheets, fiber sheet, MS sheet, MS angle, MS pipe, MS pipe, metal to metal, wood to metal, fiber to metal , 410 stainless steel has high strength and hardness ratings and resists corrosion in mild environments ? It is wood drill tail screw, mainly used in steel structure caigang watt fixed can also be used for fixing the simple construction of the sheet material.



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    410SS Pan Head Self-Drilling Screws



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    1/2″  5/8″  3/4″  1″  1-1/4″  1-1/2″

    Screw Diameter (mm)

    #6  #7  #8  #10  #12

    Thread Length

    Fully Thread

    Corrosion resistance class


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    Customized depend on customer demands


    Accept customization



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    Suitable for Outdoor Use

    Manufacturer Guarantee

    1 Year

    Supply Ability

    80 T/per Day

    Farmer Screws:head and sealing washer can be painted with ovencured Polyurethane enamel

    Technical Process:
    The screw is sprayed with different colors on the head on the basis of galvanizing, and then baked to make the pigment firmly combined on the surface of the matrix. In use, according to the color of different substrate to choose the corresponding paint head screw, can be used EPDM composite gasket, beautiful fastening effect.
    We introduce advanced fully automatic spraying equipment, can make the powder evenly attached to the screw surface, through the large automatic oven, at 200 degrees of temperature baking, so that the powder firmly combined with the screw surface.The dusting powder we use is imported high-quality and high-quality dusting powder, which is uniform in texture and stable in performance. After spraying, the screw head still has obvious LOGO mark
    1:Advanced equipment, automatic spraying equipment to achieve uniform spraying
    2: Large Automatic constant temperature oven, color will not change after high temperature, pure color and lustre.
    3:Automatic production equipment, large spraying line and oven can achieve high output and fast efficiency
    4:Our products have SGS certification, spraying raw materials with safety and environmental protection, will not affect the biological environment
    5:Every link in the production process has strict quality control, to achieve 24h quality control management
    6:A variety of colors to choose from, can refer to the standard color card, customized according to customer needs
    1: optimum color-matching
    2:UV resistant
    3:weatherproof seal
    4:Dusting after high temperature baking, hard texture, even if the force will not scratch the surface coating
    5:Clear thread, strong bite force, better locking effect
    6:With aluminum/iron EPDM gasket, better sealing and waterproof effect

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