Wafer head Self-Drilling Screws

Wafer head Self-Drilling Screws

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Wafer Head selfdrilling screw generally have two material: carbon steel and 410 stainless steel.
Wafer Head Self-drilling screw with reduced head height. This reduced head height gives it special characteristics:
1:Avoids interference with moving elements.For use in fixings where an even distribution of pressure is required, without the need for assembling additional flat washers, and without the head protruding excessively:
2: Aesthetic finish as screw is rounded and is concealed once installed.
3: May be used as a substitute for rivets.
4:Wide range of thicknesses to be drilled - from 0.70 mm to 4.40 mm.
5:Wide range of measurements.
6: Cone between thread and head to ensure piece sits perfectly.


1: For fixing soft materials on metal (methacrylate, plastic, chipboard, thin metallic plates, etc)
2:For joints on metal which require a low head (sliding doors and windows, inlaid locks, etc.)
3:Reduced cone under head to improve finish on flat surfaces.
4:For joining metal to wood, joining metallic elements, or plastic, wood or other materials on metallic materials


1: Available in various coatings and colors upon request
2:May be used as a substitute for rivets in many applications, with the advantage of being removable.
3:Wafer head design on purpose
4:Non-walking point provides fast material engagement


1: 410 Stainless steel wafer head self drilling screw for use exclusively with aluminium (does not produce corrosion by galvanic coupling). Do not use screw in stainless steel to drill steel, as point will burn out due to lack of hardness.
2:The choice of screw point must be such that the total thickness of materials to be joined (including any intermediate spaces) is lower than the edge of the drill point; otherwise screw breakage may occur during installation.




Product Type

Wafer head Self-Drilling Screws


Stainless steel/carbon steel

Drive Type

Wafer head

Product Length

5/8"-12"/1/4" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 9/16" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8" 1" 1-1/8" 1-1/4"

Screw Diameter (mm)


Thread Length

Fully Thread


White Zinc/Ruspert/Customized

Corrosion resistance class


Product Standard





Coustomer's  Requirements


Accept customization

Place of Origin

Hebei, China

Suitable Use Type

Suitable for indoor Use

Manufacturer Guarantee

1 Year Guarantee

1: Drill Capacity: 8g (0.75-2.5mm of steel), 10g (0.75-3.5mm of steel)
2:Driver Type: Philips P2
3:Installation Speed:  2300-2500 RPM Max Drill Speed

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