Hex washer head with high-low thread

Hex washer head with high-low thread

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Wood Screws are available in steel with a zinc or black oxide finish, and 410 stainless stee and carton steel. Head styles can be selected from flat, oval or round, hex,while drive options are phillips, slotted and square. DaHe offers over 10 distinct size and style combinations in our wood screw selection, all of which can be quickly and easily located on our site. Descriptions and details are available on each part page and spec sheets are linked if you require additional information.
An externally threaded fastener with a six-side head with an integrally-formed washer.beneath the head is a free-spinning conically-shape circular steel washer, bonded to a similarly shaped rubber-like piece which as a slightly outside and inside diameter. The tapered point has a chip cavity cut out of the final incomplete threads.the thread pattern has a double-lead beginning at the point, consisting of a high and low thread. The lower thread varies in height from 1/3 to 1/2 that of the higher thread. The high thread has a somewhat sharper angle than the low thread(40゜).the shank has a reduce diameter

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Standard Wood Screws, Deep Thread Wood Screws and Pole Grip Screws in many styles & materials

All Production Application/Advantages

*Standard Wood Screws primary use is to fasten corrugated steel panels to wooden structures
*Pole Grip Screws used to install metal roofing and siding to wood. With special coating applied to the steel screw,the fastener provides a high degree of corrosion resistance(at least 1000 hours salt-spray rated). it can also be used in pressure-treated lumber
*Deep Thread Wood Screws:Ideal for attaching hinges into hard woods. The twinfast thread design reduce the chance of splitting the wood




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Hex washer head with high-low thread


carbon steel

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Fully Thread/Double Thread

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Class 3/4 Mechanical Galvanised

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For use in timber

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Hebei, China

1: Installation Speed: 1500 RPM Max Drill Speed

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