Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws with EPDM bonded washer

Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws with EPDM bonded washer

Short Description:

For medium duty purpose
Steel structure fittings, rock wool board, etc
Wall panel or panel fixation
Partial thread,double thread,full thread design,Not easy to break
Strong torsion and high hardness
Good concentricity, not easy to bend, easy to operate
EPDM washer,Good waterproof performance

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ShenZhen Dahe Industrial Co., LTD., was founded in July 2003, headquartered in Shenzhen, including Phase1 Plant (100mu),Phase2 Plant(200mu),Phase3 Plant(300mu) , Output 80000ton/year ,It is the largest manufacturers of self drilling and tapping screws in china.
As one of the professional manufacturers of self drilling and tapping screws, it is the first manufacturer of automatic assembly line for the whole process in the domestic self drilling screw industry. It is a key project in Hebei Province and a benchmark project in Handan city. Now it has developed into the largest, highest output and most advanced intelligent automation production enterprise of self drilling screw in China.
It has more than 800 employees, including more than 20 senior engineers and technicians. Moreover, it has organized senior technicians to Japan, South Korea, Canada,Russia and other countries for sharing,exchange and learning.
We produce more than 100 type of self drilling screw in different series.

HWH screws have a built in washer to help distribute load to a wider area. Self-drilling screws enable drilling without first creating a pilot hole. These screws are usually used to join materials like sheet metal.


1: For light/medium duty purpose
2: Stitch roof deck and wall panel sidelaps
3: Residential steel frame construction
4: Brick ties to steel framing


1:Precise cutting edges to improve drill performance with less effort
2:Point to thread design maximize pullout performance and minimizes backout
3:Unique point to thread design extrudes the metal preventing stripout
4:Non-walking point provides fast material engagement
5:Equipped with EPDM gasket, waterproof performance is better
6:Customized different color Ruspert coating




Product Type

Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screws with EPDM bonded washer


carbon steel

Drive Type


Product Length

5/8"-- 8"

Screw Diameter (mm)


Thread Length

Fully Thread/Double Thread


Steel+ Bonded Washer


Clear Zinc/ Ruspert coating with different color

Corrosion resistance class


Product Standard





Coustomer's  Requirements

Place of Origin


Suitable Use Type

Suitable for Outdoor Use

1: M4.2 screw requires a 7 mm socket to fit.
2: M4.8 and M5.5 screw requires a 8 mm socket to fit.
3:Recommended rpm: 1200-2200/min

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